Baypac is a privately owned company, dedicated to bringing specialised solutions to the packaging and allied industries in South Africa.

About Baypac

Baypac (Pty) Ltd "established in 1986" offers a select range of packaging materials, providing packaging solutions and added value to your business.

We have a national footprint with sales representation in all of the major centres in South Africa. Contact us to arrange for our sales team to visit you.


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Pallet Load Stabilization

A range of water based adhesives specifically designed to provide pallet load stabilization for boxes and bags - from Lock n Pop in the USA. Lock n Pop saves you money by reducing or elimination the need for other packing materials such as stretch film, layer pads and corner boards. Read more

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Hot Melt Adhesives

A complete range of Hot Melt adhesives, Liquid dispersions and Pressure sensitive adhesives from Leuenberger Italy.  Read more


Hot Melt Applications

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Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection packaging from Excor Zerust, a leading worldwide supplier of volatile corrosion inhibitor packaging, more commonly known as VCI. Our VCI plastic and paper protects metal for up to 5 years without the need for oils and other coatings. Included in this range are vapour capsules for the protection of electronic equipment, rust removers, liquids for oil and gas pipeline protection, Read more

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Corrosion Protection:

Metal working Fluids, Coatings & Lubricants

As part of our corrosion protection range we are now able to offer the AVIA BANTLEON range of Metal working Fluids, Coatings & Lubricants.

Bantleon offers concepts to achieve clean and corrosion-free surfaces in the Cleaning>Preservation>Packaging>Shipping>Storage Chain.

Individually developed corrosion protection concepts offer process security along with cost reduction.

Please visit the  AVIA BANTLEON   website

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CEV - Network for a range of packaging equipment

Italian Range of packaging equipment for end of line

Cartomac - Carton forming machines, case erectors and carton closing machines

VAI - Vertical packaging machines, weighing units and dosers

Europack - Palletizers, robots and picking devices

Artema Pack - Packaging & Automation



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Packaging Equipment

End of line packaging equipment from SIAT Italy, including Carton Sealers, Carton Erectors, Stretch Wrappers and Shrink Tunnels. Read more

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CEV - Network



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Artema Pack

Wrap-around Packaging & Automation

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Domino is the brand leader in coding & marking for key industries. Read More

                                A-Series Inkjet printing

                                A-Series Inkjet printing

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                            D-Series Lazer printing

                            D-Series Lazer printing

                                    Print & Apply

                                    Print & Apply

Spray Equipment

Spray equipment from Walther Pilot Germany, including automatic spray gunsmanual spray guns as well as complete spraying systems for paint, adhesives and metal marking. Read more

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Food Packaging

The Bandex range of Food Packaging such as foldover salad trays, foldover microwaveable trays, rotisserie & snack trays and the new addition of a tamper evident range of tubs. Read more

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Tamper evident range of packaging Read More

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PROPAK 2017 - Cape Town         

Baypac will be exhibiting SIAT Packaging equipment, Lock n Pop Pallet stabilisation adhesive, CEV end of line packaging equipment, Hot Melt as well as other interesting products.

See you at PROPAK CAPE 2017


Our products

include the following:

  • Corrosion Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Lock n Pop
  • SIAT Packaging Equipment
  • Hotmelt adhesives
  • Metal working fluids, coatings & lubricants
  • Spray equipment

and many more.  Please feel free to browse this website for more information on the above mentioned products.


Contact us:

Tel and address detail:

Baypac (PTY) LTD

36 Slater Street, North End

Port Elizabeth, 6000


Postal Address:

PO Box 2380

North End, 6056


Contact Information:

Tel:  +27 (041) 484-2261
Fax: +27 (041) 484-2231


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