Lock 'n Pop Pallet Stabilization Adhesive

Save money, improve pallet load stability

 Lock 'n Pop is a water based adhesive, manufactured from FDA approved organic materials and is completely environmentally friendly.

Lock 'n Pop has infinite shear strength which prevents packages from moving from side to side, thus providing excellent pallet load stabilization. It has relatively low tensile strength (vertical) which allows packages to be easily separated.
Lock 'n Pop has a wide range of formulated products for a multitude of packaging applications such as plain and high graphic cartons, paper, poly-woven and plastic bags, which do not damage the packaging surface or leave unsightly residues. Our laboratory will test your particular packaging to determine the correct product for your particular application.
Lock 'n Pop is effective within a temperature range of -20 to + 80 degrees C and is not affected by time or humidity.
Apart from improving pallet load stability, Lock 'n Pop will reduce your overall packaging costs by eliminating or reducing the need for other secondary packaging such as Stretch film, corner boards, layer sheets, etc.
Over forty customers in South Africa enjoy the cost saving benefits of Lock 'n Pop, many of whom have eliminated in transit damages through improved pallet load stability.
Lock'n Pop will improve your carbon footprint by reducing your need for stretch film and other secondary packaging.
Lock 'n Pop is applied automatically through purpose built equipment, ensuring a consistent, accurate dosage. It can also be applied by hand through a manual applicator.

Automatic Dosing




Paper bag

Paper bag

Flour bags

Flour bags

Plastic Rice bags

Plastic Rice bags

Stretch film around top layers only

Stretch film around top layers only

Column Stack with no Stretch Film

Column Stack with no Stretch Film

Dairy - Corner boards have been eliminated

Dairy - Corner boards have been eliminated

How it Works


Infinite shear strength and relatively low tensile strength

Automatic Unitizer

Dosing system


Manual dosing



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