Packaging Adhesives


We have a comprehensive range of Hot Melt Adhesives and Water based Dispersions to suit any application, from carton closing, xxxx,xxx

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Pallet Load Stabilization



We have four exciting products that will solve your Pallet Load Stability problems, Save money, Improve Productivity and Eliminate packaging waste

Lock n Pop Pallet Adhesive - StretchLock nano Stretch Film - Anti-Slip Sheets - Robopac Wrappers.


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Packaging Equipment



See our full range of Equipment - Stretch Wrappers, Carton Erectors,Taping units, Auto Palletizers, Ink Jet Printers, Laser and Dot Peen Marking, Walther-Pilot Spraying Systems


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Our products

include the following:

  • Corrosion Packaging - VCI
  • Pallet Load Stabilization - Lock n Pop adhesive, Stretchlock Nano stretch film, Stabulon anti-slip sheets
  • Packaging Equipment - Stretch Wrappers, Carton Closing, Hot Melt Applicators
  • Hot Melt adhesives
  • Metal working fluids, coatings & lubricants
  • Domino - IJP Coding & Marking
  • SIC Marking - Laser and Dot Peen marking
  • Walther-Pilot Spray equipment


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