An International leader in the field of Automatic and Semi Automatic stretch wrap machines, for the application of stretchable film applications



Industry 4.0 technology  - plug and play, user friendly performance monitoring, allowing optimization of costs, with maintenance managment and trouble shooting.

Available as an option for semi automatic units.

Are you getting the most efficient use of your stretch Film?


You could have the best stretch film in the world, but if you don't have the right Wrapper to apply it, you are wasting your money.

ROBOPAC - up to 400% pre-stretch



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S6 Robopac Robot


The ultimate in versatility. 


 Self propelled Robot Wrapper with Variable roping.


Choice of carriages from Spool with Electro Magnet or Mechanical brake, to Double or Power pre-stretch units.


 7" colour touch screen control panel


The S6 is capable of wrapping any shape or size of pallet load, including cylinder shaped loads.

Ideal for pallet loads of mixed goods, such as cartons of various sizes or a mix of cartons and bags.






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                                Technoplat 2000 / 3000


Fully Automatic wrapping up to 25 pallets per hour.

Max load 1500kg. 2.4 M pallet height with 2.8 and 3.1 M as options.


Auto film attach, cut and weld.


Available carriages: 

PDS Carriage - Fixed pre-stretch at 250%.

                  PVS Carriage - 2 motor pre-stretch from 250 to 400%





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                                                  Technoplat CS & CW

 Automatic wrapping machines, equipped with Film Clamp and Cut. 

The CS version has a Tail Spreader and the CW version a Tail Weld



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Our products

include the following:

  • Corrosion Packaging - VCI
  • Pallet Load Stabilization - Lock n Pop adhesive, Stretchlock Nano stretch film, Stabulon anti-slip sheets
  • Packaging Equipment - Stretch Wrappers, Carton Closing, Hot Melt Applicators
  • Hot Melt adhesives
  • Metal working fluids, coatings & lubricants
  • Domino - IJP Coding & Marking
  • SIC Marking - Laser and Dot Peen marking
  • Walther-Pilot Spray equipment


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